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MindTracker Research, provides a service where we are able to accurately evaluate how your message (specifically video messages, such as TV/Online Ads, Virals etc) are being perceived, second-by-second, frame-by-frame, word-by-word. We’re able to conduct these surveys tremendously quickly with our growing panel, and we turn a full report around in about 24 hours.

Our clients are ad agencies, big brands, politicians, music video producers… anyone who cares about what their target audience really thinks about their message. With our system, we can deconstruct existing material, work out what was effective, and what wasn’t.

All we ask from our clients is that they supply the sample media and information about the audience with which it should be tested. This audience can range from a random representative panel (for speeches or unknown audiences) or a selected demographic (specifically for targeted marketing or insight).

Our technology allows us to produce results that are much more quantifiable than a traditional focus group and with much increased sample size.

The second by second analysis means that you can pinpoint the high – and low – points of any advertisement, speech or presentation – before your customers see it.

Once our panel have voted the results are played back in a way that it is easy to understand. Seeing the continuous MindTracks moving across the face, voice and image of the tested material is the most powerful way available to demonstrate immediate and precise public reaction.

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