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Direct Response marketing including search engine optimization and finding your competitive
niche in Google Places, Bing and Yahoo. Develop WordPress Websites that sell your products based on keyword research and direct marketing tactics including list development.

Service Description
* We will customize and write a strategic marketing plan based on your competitive edge and Unique Selling Proposition
* The Free marketing audit is focused on your hidden assets can be done by phone or fact to face.
* The marketing audit will save you between $10,000 – 100,000 in advertising costs
* We will help you to discover your assets and grow your business in several ways Guaranteed.
* Develop selling skills to increase sales

Marketing plan development with a focus on your unique selling proposition including market needs, demographics, analysis, strategy, break-even analysis and marketing budget. I have innovative database techniques to increase response rates with testing and analysis.
Telephone: Call (313) 269-9951

References and Project Portfolio will be Provided on Request

“Tim developed an extensive database for targeting and tracking prospective clients. His hard work resulted in securing some short-term training service contracts and we were quite pleased with the results within the relatively short grant period. Tim has a superb work ethic is very reliable.” Dr. Clifford Dorne Associate Vice President for Program Development and Graduate Recruitment – Professor of Criminal Justice, SVSU, Saginaw, MI.

“Tim is Truly Passionate” “Tim is truly passionate about helping people achieve their true business potential. Tim is an expert in goal setting, time management, and direct response marketing. If you or your company is considering a marketing consultant for market planning, database marketing/list acquisition , I strongly recommend Tim Little.” John White, Comptroller for Office One, Kalamazoo MI, headquarters.

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