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Leadmesh offers a fully hosted lead management software solution for lead generation professionals. Whether you are relatively new to the industry or have years of experience in leadgen, co-registration and/or list management, our system can take the place of a development staff and help increase your profits.

Our Ping Tree technology helps you sell more leads, while our Ping-Post system makes sure you’re getting the highest possible price for each and every lead you deliver. Regardless of the types of leads you’re marketing (we work especially well with Payday, Insurance, Debt relief, Dating,Mortgage, Education and Auto Loan leads) you can be selling leads directly to your lead buyers in real time starting at just $299 per month.

Leadmesh simplifies a complex process with its web 2.0 style interface, allowing you to manage your lead generation business from your web browser. No time-consuming work orders or additional software to download! And with our background in software development, our own IP space and redundant Data Center facility, you’ll find consistent service without the worry of down-time.

Leadmesh accepts and delivers leads via HTTP POST, XML, GET, SOAP or batched file. With the flexibility built into Leadmesh, we can help distribute just about any kind of lead; even to your existing CRM or email auto-responder system. Check us out at or call us at 1-800-7-LEADGEN (1-800-753-2343)so we can discuss your lead management needs.

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