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Kenzei’s services help Advertisers increase their site conversion, improve data monetization, and improve communication with consumers in a respectful and effective way.Kenzei’s email services are priced on a performance model (CPA). You pay no monthly minimums and no hidden fees. You only pay for leads or customers acquired via Kenzei’s efforts. In addition, we help lower the overall cost of acquisition — get more from your media buys. You can only benefit from working with us; there’s no risk involved.

# ConversionMail is good for any Advertiser that uses multi-step pages for a sign up or purchase process and has the concept of an abandoned visitor. We’ve successfully implemented ConversionMail for Lead-Generation clients with a 2 or 3 step form as well as Continuity Marketers with a 2 or 3 step form. If you have the concept of drop off, then you should definitely consider adding ConversionMail email follow up to your monetization efforts.

# ConversionMailRemarketingMail is good for any Advertiser that collects data. This service allows the Advertiser to monetize their collected data by sending upsell and cross-sell offers to their data. RemarketingMail is different from standard list management in that we only mail the Advertiser’s own in house offers to the data.

# ConversionMailLifetimeValueMail is good for any Advertiser that wants to extend their relationship with the consumer via relevant follow up messages including newsletters, helpful advice emails, offers of discounts to come back etc.

# ConversionMailMailConfirm is good for any Advertiser launching a new product who needs to gauge the quality of traffic quickly by emailing customers to ensure that they are valid customers of high quality.

Kenzei Reviews

  1. peter bordes Says:

    We use the Kenzei solution and have had excellent results. The system brings increases our ROI by bringing consumers back to our forms and shopping carts for our advertiser partners.

    We get a 2-20 % conversion and about a $17 ecpm and $1 ecpc from the system.

    highly recommend them

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