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About Fusion BPO Services, Inc

we are a global contact center solutions provider headquartered in New Jersey. We have 9 contact centers across Canada, India and Philippines supporting customers across USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia & New Zealand.

Our services can be broadly classified as follows (** – Focused services):

24/7 Inbound Service:

v Inbound Call Answering

v Customer Service & Help Desk Support

v ** Seasonal Call Spikes and Overload volume

v ** After office services

v Complaint & Query and Customer Retention

v Live Chat Service


v Inbound Sales

v Cross Sell & Up Sell

v ** Promotional offers & Sales Announcements

v ** Abandon Shopping Cart Recovery service (voice &email)

Outbound Service:

v Customer Satisfaction Survey & Feedback

v Market Research & Survey

v ** Mystery shopping

Back Office Support:

v Order Tracking & Returns Processing

v Service Delivery

v Order Fulfillment

v Billing & Email Support

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