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B12 Leads is the easy to use and quick to set up fully featured lead and contact management solution. By providing your team with B12 Leads leads you will be giving them the edge to do more business.

Capture. We make it easy for you to manage all your leads in one system. It is easy to set up direct feeds from your website or quickly upload a file of hot leads or simply add a single contact. Flexibility that allows you to capture the full leads details including additional information. Intelligent lead matching helps reduce the wasted time of duplicate leads.

Assign leads to the the appropriate person. B12Leads gives you have the choice to automate the assignment process, manually assign your leads or a bit of both. If needed you can at any time reassign leads between your team, making sure all your leads have the best chance of being converted.

Track their leads. B12Leads has all the features you would expect from a proven solution. Notes, reminders, a customizable sales pipeline and the useful ability to view the prospects lead history.

Reports are dynamically generated using live data. Each of your team will know how they are performing 24/7. For team leaders and sales managers the data is automatically grouped giving them a real time view of how their teams are performing with individual analysis and drill down functionality.

Quick and easy to set up for your particular business. Many of the features can be customized including the sales pipeline, free registration page, lead fields, feedback form, sales structure and assignment rules. As your business grows and changes you can effortlessly amend your set up accordingly.

Safe and Reliable – To industry standards we keep your data safe and we back up it regularly.

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