About Us

About Our Website

TheLeadPages.com was created with goal of simplifying the process of searching for and connecting with performance based marketing, lead generation and lead technology  industry professionals and companies.  TheLeadPages.com is NOT a lead generation company, nor do we sell leads, we simply provide a way for users to search for and connect directly with companies offering performance based marketing products and services.  Whether you are a media buyer, a marketing director, an affiliate network or a small company searching for new companies,  the Lead Pages’ intuitive search options will make this task quicker and simpler than ever before.

About Our Team

With over 60 years of combined experience in Web Development, Yellow Pages, Direct Marketing and Lead Generation, we realized we were uniquely positioned to create a product that would help others do something that we had found was still not a simple task….researching performance based media and marketing opportunities.

Our goal was to create a directory that would simplify this task by allowing users to find new companies in a growing industry while also providing completely transparency by allowing users to make direct contact with listed companies.  With the launch of TheLeadPages.com we believe we have accomplished this goal by providing an intuitive industry directory with over one hundred different search variables where media buyers can connect with new companies in minutes with just a few simple clicks.

Dedicated To Improving Your Experience

While our site is still relatively new, we are dedicated to making improvements based on user feedback, experience and testing.   Since our launch we have received extremely positive feedback from both users and listed companies.  One of our favorite comments from a Lead Generation company was, “What an amazing idea!  I am thoroughly impressed.  I love seeing things like this that get me excited about this industry again. Great work!”.

The current version of the website is actually our version two which includes a host of new features that we believe will help generate more business for listed companies and help make TheLeadPages.com an even more valuable resource for those looking to buy media, leads or technology.   One of the improvements we are most excited about is the Lead Match process.   Seeing that many of the companies listed in our directory are Lead Generation companies we felt it would be only fitting to add our own twist on Lead Generation to TheLeadPages.com.   With Lead Match users can be quickly “matched” with companies that meet specific criteria of their choosing.  One they are “matched” they can then select which companies they would like to request more information from and submit their Request For Information via email to multiple companies via one quick form.   This process will save valuable time on the part of the media buyer while generating new business leads for companies listed in our directory.

How You Can Participate

For Lead Generation or Performance Based Media providers, TheLeadPages.com offers both free and paid listing options thus making it possible for all companies to participate.  For Media Buyers we encourage you to browse through our listed companies, submit a Lead Match form or post reviews of companies you have done business with in the past.   The success of this directory will require the participation of both media buyers and sellers alike.  We believe we have created a truly win-win situation where both parties will benefit from the features we have built into TheLeadPages.com.   Lead Generation industry providers are encouraged to submit their company info for inclusion in the directory.  To learn more about our free and featured listing options click here.

We hope TheLeadPages.com becomes your resource for the Lead Generation industry.   We encourage community participation and welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback.  Please feel free to contact us at any time via our contact page.